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Learn Something About Me

For whomever may be interested, I offer some background information about myself. I know I like to know a bit about the people I work with in such a personal way as intuitive work. So I've added this for you. Enjoy!

Biltmore Who's Who

I am a life member of the Biltmore Who's Who, as well as an Honored Member, the 2010 edition. (Link on the logo above to read the certificate.)

My Spirit Name

My true spirit name is Za-Ra-Te. This was revealed during a healing ceremony for the Earth Mother. I recognize and accept it as true and eternal. The next step is to understand the meaning behind the name so I can share it with you. Expect to see me showing up as Za-Ra-Te in more places in the future.

I Am Me

You can view a short video discussing my philosophic outlook on life. (You may have to click on the bar at the top of the page to "Allow Active X" to get the movie to run as the page opens.)

My World

My world is filled with sights, sounds, scents, sensations, feelings and thoughts that are different from those of most people. Until I was at least six years old, I didnít realize that I was different. But when family and friends were both frightened and intrigued by my stories about dead relatives visiting me, about flying around the world when I slept every night, and accurately predicting future events, I began to realize how different my world really is. By the time I was 12, I was a serious student and researcher in the metaphysical field. Iím still different, and still studying and learning.

In the mundane world, Iím a high school teacher, a computer junkie, a counselor, a lecturer, a business woman and several other things. My degrees are in Education, Psychology, Religious Study, Philosophy, Technology, and Drafting.

Iíve been lucky to have been the wife of a good man for many years. And Iíve been honored to be mom of terrific grown daughters - and grandma to two lovely granddaughters. These people have supported and enabled my life in many ways. For these connections I am especially grateful.

My spiritual world leads me through many experiences. I research and practice an eclectic form of therapeutic body work. It is very important to me, and I have discovered many new (or remembered?) pieces of information about how we work as living beings. My studies on The Living Energy System, Reincarnation and Regression have been well received. I play with numbers a lot, as another way to understand myself and others. Meditation came into my life as a formal technique in 1970. Since then, I have practiced, taught and written about it regularly.

I have been writing as long as I can remember. My work ranges from technical manuals for public education, through metaphysical how-to materials, to spiritual exposition, and poetry. Adding to that, Iím an avid bookaholic. Thereís hardly room in my office for me around my books and computer equipment.

An inner need for a clearer, deeper connection with my spiritual self has driven me as long as I can remember. About 1975 I began working with Automatic Writing. It seemed natural to combine spirituality with my desire to write. Unfortunately, the handwriting was so illegible nobody could decipher it once I was done, even me. I had the inner guidance, but no useable record. Then, about 1989, I discovered that I could do the same thing on the computer. I could actually read what was said! My life changed. I have been regularly sitting in communion with my higher wisdom and guidance ever since.

In my time on this planet, in this personality, I have had opportunities for a wide variety of experiences. They have all been important and rewarding. I wouldnít be who I am today, after all, without them. As for where Iím going, you can bet that "I ainít done yet." I keep wondering who/what Iíll be tomorrow, and the day after that . . .

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My Spiritual Life

My spiritual work is who I am at the highest and deepest level of my being. I may be other things in the mundane world, but my true essence is my spiritual belief and action. If you read about Gaia and the Shin Maa, then perhaps you have an understanding of who I am on a deeper level. If not, perhaps reading it would help give you insights. Reading Blue Fire Forming will provide even more insights, as this is a tale about my growing up being "different" in a world that was challenged by my vision of it. The Blue Fire story was written at least twenty years ago as a way to explain my early years of wonder and learning.

My earliest memories remind me of how connected I have always been to both the planet and the spiritual realms. I rely upon these connections to keep me whole and alive. I use the small part of the immense Tao/God force at my command to help myself and those who seek my aid. I use it carefully and respectfully. The idea of "Can I? Should I? May I?" is uppermost in my decisions. My ethical foundations are built upon these questions plus the rule to "Do as you wish, if it harms none." Recognizing that harming none includes myself, is quite a challenge. But I endeavor to live by those words as best I can.

I am both a priest (the one word to encompass both the masculine and the feminine aspects of this work) and a warrior. I am a medicine woman. It is my task to be a guide and a leader as well as a protector. Although I would much prefer time spent as a mentor and teacher, I am quite capable and willing to take on attacking forces to protect the highest good at all times. Many times I have been called upon in this capacity. With the help of my higher wisdom, my personal guidance team, God, and my deep commitment to my agreements, I have managed to prevail, and I am still here doing my work. For this I am grateful.

I get to play with energies in many forms. My energetic body work teaches me so much, that it is a joy to work with people. I learn, I teach. My clients get to grow and choose healthy ways, and I have even more to share with others.

My writing is a reflection of what I learn through all of these modalities. I combine my traditional educational background with my non-traditional learning opportunities in a mix of intuition, common sense, and intellect. It is great fun to stand in two worlds (material and esoteric) and do my work from that balanced perspective.

At this point in my life, I know who I am, what many of my soul tasks are, much about what I still need to learn, and how I fit into this wonderful world. What a joy. And what a challenge. I love it

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A Not-So-Brief Yet Still Abbreviated Autobiography

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Background Hobbies & Interests

A Little Background

I was born in Idaho, in the USA.  I am an only child with all that implies. I came into this lifetime as a psychic (now often referred to as Indigo) child. Being one of the early Indigo Children on the planet had its own challenges. As it happens, I know that I was a wanted child because of the fertility struggles my parents had in order to conceive me.  That included tales of surgeries and shots which my mother endured for the sake of conception. Since Mom was a heavy woman, even though only 5"2" tall, she said that nobody even knew she was pregnant until she brought me home from the hospital.  Obviously she, too, had a bit of a dramatic flair.  

I've been an energetic participant in life ever since. So here I am world! 

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Hobbies & Interests

Metaphysics (hobby, vocation, avocation, lifestyle, life mission)

Metaphysical research, practice, and service is my "real" life. The spiritual quest is what I really live for. I find ways to relate this side of myself to every aspect of my life, and vice versa. Without this part of me, I would grow cold and lonely and retreat from the world altogether. I know, I tried it a couple of times. I was not happy and I was not a nice person during those times. I know that I used to drive my parents a little wacky when I was young because they couldn't understand the way I perceived the world. But they managed to put up with me. Now I just live my life in my own way and, being a Pisces, I usually fit in fairly well, I let people judge me as they may. I have my priorities clearly delineated, and my spiritual self is at the top of the list.

Outdoor Activities

I have always loved the out-of-doors.  Included in my outdoor repertoire are: swimming, hiking and camping.  From the time I was little I found ways to go camping and go out in the woods or to the beach.  As a girl, I went camping every chance I got.  Then as I got older and my children joined Camp Fire, I became a leader and found any opportunity I could to go on hikes or camping with my kids or with other adults. I was even a camp director for a couple of years.  Now as an adult I go with other women on retreats. I sometimes even get hubby to go along, but that is rare.


Reading is a passion for me. I always have at least three books going at any one time.  My tastes run from fantasy and science fiction to self-help, technology and metaphysics.  I have an extensive library that is at times very overwhelming.  At last count, I had somewhere around 6,000 books in a variety of bookcases around the house and even boxed in the attic and our storage facility.  The difficulty is that once I get a book, it becomes a friend and I cannot let it go. So they just keep adding up.  Part of this collection is a group of old and rare books that I adore.  Many are first editions.  I believe my oldest is from the late 1700s. I don't really know their monetary value, but they are priceless to me. I love to read! In fact, I could easily be termed a bookaholic. For instance, as a reward for reading homework assignments when I was in college, I would read for pleasure.  Since I was little, I have loved books. I still have some of the books that I read as a little girl. As I look back at some of the children's stories, I realize that many of my moral values were set by early tales of honesty and consideration. I think it has always been a valuable asset to me.

Various forms of self-awareness and self-improvement intrigue me.  Anything that helps me understand the how's and why's of human awareness and interactions fascinate me.  I guess that is why my BA was focused around psychology, religious studies and philosophy.  Not only do I study for my own edification, I do a variety of workshops/seminars to help other people better understand themselves and their life situations.  It's great!

A partner to reading is writing. I love to do that as well. 

I get great joy from writing. My range of writing includes technical educational work, poetry, some prose, self-help and spirituality. The overwhelming passion of my life is alternative thought, or metaphysics.  I have been a bit different (some used the term "odd") since I was a child, and espouse a life philosophy which differs greatly from that of most people (could you tell?).  It is an important part of my professional life outside of the school environment (counselor, trainer, intuitive, therapeutic body worker, author).  I have gained some modest success in the field and gratefully find that others respect my opinion.  


I have always had animals in my life. My Little Grandma (so named because she stood only 4'8" tall, while my Big Grandma stood 6' tall) and my Mother were both animal people. It was natural that I would also love animals. I passed the same passion on to my children. I have had innumerable cats and dogs, small and large birds, lambs, rats and hamsters. If my parents or my husband would have put up with it, that list would probably have included a horse, a monkey, a Gila monster and who knows what else. My Mom even had a pet pig once -- not a small pot belly one, but a full sized pig. (Nope. We did not live on a farm, but in the city.) My first animal friend was a toy fox terrier named "Skeeter" who taught me fierce devotion, courage, and protection of those we love. For a long time, I had a terrific little poodle, named Bubba, that constantly taught me about boundless joy and unconditional love. Animals have indeed provided me with much knowledge and pleasure over the years.

Computers and other Technology

I love to work with my computer systems. I have a fairly extensive system that has provided me with many opportunities -- and frustrations. Many years ago, I used to work very closely with a local computer shop and international wholesaler. I did a fair amount of consulting that rewarded me in many ways and taught me a great deal. After that, I got an MA in Educational Technology and now I just keep on learning for the joy of it. I am always happy to be able to get new software or hardware. I enjoy finding out how to better use the equipment and software that I have. I am fairly proficient at it, and love it. I get a big kick every time someone new asks me to help get started on his/her own systems. Of course, it is also the bane of my existence when problems occur. Those I just endure and find ways to fix for the benefits technology provide. It is a love/hate relationship to be sure.


Believe it or not, I spent about six years of my life riding motorcycles, both alone and with my husband. We owned a Honda 350, a Honda 450, a Honda 750, a Honda 175 and even a great Harley Davidson Sportster! I was not just a passenger, I had a license and took advantage of it. I learned to drive in the first few days after we bought our first bike, the Honda 350. From then on, I rode every weekend with my husband and a group of friends. Often during the week, hubby would come home to find me gone somewhere on our motorcycle (whichever one we had at the moment). I loved it. But when we had our third accident, we stopped riding bikes out of common sense and self-preservation. Having a family and that responsibility was much more important than the fun we had. I still miss it sometimes.

Artistic Hobbies. 

I love to do things that are creative in nature. I do crocheting, making water candles that were a sight to behold (where I live now, they melt too easily so I gave up making them after leaving the Bay Area). I love photography. I do some painting -- three-dimensional abstracts. I have done a good share of ceramic work. And I express myself most often these days through my various computer graphics projects. I just do all sorts of artsy crafty things when I can. It is relaxing and productive at the same time.


Besides books, I collect pewter figurines and crystals of all sorts. This includes lead crystal artifacts and natural crystals. I also collect other ritual and magical artifacts as I find them (or they find me?). These interests have emptied my pocketbook many times over and given me great pleasure. I must say that I have a fairly extensive collection that I love to share with people. Unlike most people, I am not afraid to let others touch my natural crystals and magical tools. I encourage it. Such items are not restricted to my use alone. They are healing to the eyes and the body, therefore something for everyone to share. And for everyone's safety, they are programmed to return to neutral every time they are returned to their home on the shelf, making them safe for everyone. I don't choose to keep or spread anyone's energies without permission or intent.

More Outdoors 

As I said before, I love outdoor activities, especially camping. When I was little, I went to Camp Fire Camp every summer. When I became an adult, I found I could take Camp Fire Kids camping as much as I wanted and have a terrific time. I got to volunteer as a camp counselor and had even more fun. Some of the fun changed when I became the Camp Director. I didn't get to play as much as I wanted to. (The year I found myself cleaning out the sewer lines by hand while everyone else ate dinner seemed to epitomize all the reasons I no longer wanted to be the Camp Director. So I quit. I have missed it ever since.) I still go camping a couple of times every year just to satisfy that basic need in me. I go for walks or hikes and picnics in the country whenever I can, just because I love it.

Before our last move I had a pool in my back yard that I loved to play in. Now I have to go to my daughter's home to swim. Being a Pisces, I guess I must be half fish. My parents could never get me out of the water when I was little. I went in the streams, the lakes and every pool I could get into. If all else, failed, I went in the sprinklers. I still love the water.

My magical Fantasy Grove under the Redwood trees in my yard keeps me happy and grounded. It is a lovely place to be. You can see some pictures of it on my Landscape page.

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Affiliations (Past and Present)

United States Psychotronics Association -- USPA
This is what I considered one of my most important affiliations. Due to other responsibilities, I finally had to retire from those activities in 2015. Although it is officially a United States organization, it is actually an international group with members from throughout the world. This is an organization that researches the connection between mind and matter. It employs the hard physical sciences and the soft psionic sciences to find new and more comprehensive ways of understanding the world in which we live. I was a member and President of the local Northern California chapter for years, until finding a meeting location made it too difficult to continue. I was the Executive Secretary for the National Board of Directors from 1989 to 2012. It entailed a lot of work, but had many perks. How else would I be in touch with quality people (practitioners and researchers) of like mind from all around the world? Fortunately the times when the greatest activity in USPA take place are during the summer. That made it possible for me to be as active as I was.  I was a regular presenter. I seem to have developed a position of interest and respect in this community.  

Check out the web site at www.psychotronics.org - go to the conferences and buy the tapes! ( there are many tapes from my presentations as well as fabulous one-of-a-kind tapes fro many top presenters.

Sacred Way Church
I am a minister and psychological counselor.  I was initially trained through the University of Metaphysics and later moved to the Universal Life Church.  I purposely chose the ULC because of the freedom and flexibility inherent in the structure of the church.  I actually studied for and received a PhD in Religious Studies from both organizations. I also obtained a degree as a Psychological Counselor through ULC. They are valid degrees, but not honored by traditional academic institutions.  I am pleased to be part of a small church named Sacred Way Church.  One of the wonderful aspects of this involvement is my ability to marry people.  I conduct somewhere around three or four a year on average.  With all the freedom allowed by the church I have the privilege of conducting very special and very personalized ceremonies that receive wonderful feedback.  I even have the sacred honor of conducting funerals from time to time. That, too, is well received.  As a minister and Psychological Counselor, I provide counseling services to individuals and couples.  My track record is pretty impressive in this area. Since spiritual awareness is the path of life for me, this is all an important part of my life. There are those who disparage the ULC organization. I don't fault them.  But for me it provides the freedom within a recognized structure to work with other spiritual seekers.

Camp Fire Girls, Camp Fire Girls & Boys, or Camp Fire, Inc. -- iterations of the same organization
Believe it or not, I was a Blue Bird and Camp Fire girl when I was little. I spent four glorious years as a youth member of that organization. I now realize that many of my personal values are based upon the Camp Fire Law. I believe it did me a lot of good, and recommend it to any child and adult volunteer.

I spent 16 years as an adult volunteer for the same organization. I was a leader, a trainer, an administrator at every level of the council, a camp volunteer, and even a national volunteer.  This all led to eventually becoming a paid professional for the local organization for a time. I loved it, or at least most of it, and received much in return for the massive amounts of time I gave to the organization.

The time spent as a leader to groups for both of my daughters provided  quality time for us. I don't think that I or my girls would trade a moment's memory for anything in the world. It was all valuable, even if it was often exhausting.

I also spent three years as a Council Management Consultant for the national Camp Fire organization.  I was the liaison, mentor, and oversight consultant for local councils. I was responsible for and to four or five councils at a time. Through the national organization, I received some incredible training and support that helped me help the local councils in some incredible ways.

American Red Cross 
I spent 12 years as a volunteer trainer for the American Red Cross. I taught many levels of first aid to countless individuals over those years. It was a great satisfaction to have someone come up to me and tell me of how s/he had been able to help somebody in crisis because of the training received in one of my classes. Actually the stringent training on effective teaching met or surpassed much of what I later got in college. I also used to say that I was such a klutz that I needed to be sure the world had lots of people trained in first aid procedures so they could take care of me. That last part, unfortunately, is still true.

International Training in Communications -- ITC. 
I was a member of ITC (even when it was renamed as International Training in Communications instead of International Toastmistress Club) for about 13 years. It is an outstanding public education group similar to Toastmasters that taught me many communication skills. With my natural enthusiasm, the best lessons I ever learned through ITC were how to sit down, shut up and listen. I held many volunteer positions. I was in and even won speech contests. I also won a writing contest at the regional level that sent my entry onto the international level for competition. It kept my mind honed and my mouth working fairly well for me. Although no longer a part of the organization, I carry the legacy with me.

Inter-Faith Council
This was a local group that encouraged communication and information between people of various spiritual backgrounds. It is no longer active. While we were active, we had monthly meetings and about four large public annual events. I was a member of the governing board for the group. I  thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to interact and learn from the Sikhs, Buddhists, Baptists, Episcopalians, Methodists, Hindus, Judaists, Wiccans and others. As a minister and a spiritual investigator, I was pleased at the opportunities provided by such a group.

And there were naturally a few more things beyond the scope of space and opportunity available in this web site setting to share with you..... But this is enough for now.

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"We learn by living; we live by learning." -- Anne McCaffrey

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