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My Spiritual Shield

Look for the numbers on the shield, and the corresponding number in the explanation to discover what each part of the shield represents to me.


Laverne E. Denyer's

Personal Shield or Icon Explained

This is from a personal quest vision that has inspired me for years

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Explanation of Symbols on the Icon/Shield

The larger “sticks” are actually the Crook and Flail of Egyptian heritage.  The Crook represents leadership, kindness and protection.  The Flail represents firmness and swift action against “wrong” action, also the warrior.  The rainbow colors of the flail represent energy, healing, transmutation of negative to positive and clear communication; all of which are the cornerstones of a healthy reality.  In my case, I have added these two because I chose to be a leader and guide, yet protect those who are in need.  This is my role in life and my promised behavior.   
The shield itself is divided into two parts.  The left (feminine/spiritual) side is green for healing and growth.  The right (masculine/material) side is yellow for intellect and wisdom.  These attributes shield me from harm and guide me through life.      
The black and white circle in the green field is the Yin and Yang of Chinese tradition.  It represents choices, options and duality within the circle of infinity.  This represents my opportunities and challenges which guide my choices and my actions.     
The circle within the yellow field is a wheel, for the wheel of life.  Time is endless and ever-moving.  As I walk the path of life, I must stay mindful of my place   within the river of time and make the most of it.  It is the frameworks within which I work.       
The feather over the wheel is a quill.  The quill is a tool of communication and records.  Communication and recording are my tasks and role.  To this role am I dedicated.     
Superimposed over the shield is an amalgam of two ancient cross symbols: the Celtic cross and the ankh.  The Celtic cross represents a crossing of options, creating a focal point in the middle.  With the flared points, it opens wide to opportunity and creativity.  The ankh is a similar cross with the mouth of the fish at the top.  It is a symbol of creativity and renewal braced by multiple opportunity brought into focus through the creation of life.     
On the ankh there are ten (10) numbers representedTen is the sacred combination number of (1) beginnings and (0) infinity.  Combined, it is a number of perfection and unity.     
Number One (1) is represented by a Bloodstone: the beginning and the center focus, the bearer of life.    
Number Two (2) is represented by the Yin and Yang: repeated in this location as a Chinese symbol for duality, with options and decision-making.  It brings with it consequences and rewards.    
Number Three (3) is represented by three jewels: 3a)The green is a malachite for physical reality and growth. 3b)The rose quartz represents spiritual awareness and responsibility as well as kindness and love.  3c)Finally at the base is a silver hematite for grounding, strength and practicality.    
Number Four (4) is the Medicine Wheel: an American Indian symbol for foundations, directions and the four sacred paths of life.  The red is life.  The yellow is awareness.  The green is healing.  The blue is spirituality and communication.    
Number Five (5) is shown as a five-pointed star, or pentagram: a symbol for changes and direction.  If pointed up, as here, it is a reflection of the origin and goal of returning to God as a creative power.  Five is a number of change.    
Number Six (6) is represented by the Star of David: a Jewish symbol of dualities, similar to the Yin Yang.  It is two triangles in opposing positions manifesting the creative force as a proactive factor in the universe.    
Number Seven (7) is a Seven-Pointed Star: a symbol of leadership and responsibility, with a connotation of spiritual awareness.  The purple represents the ability to change negative to positive energy.    
Number Eight (8) is represented twice.  First it is the eight arms of the Celtic cross overlaying the Ankh: building foundations and moving forward as a builder of worlds.  Manifesting desires into reality through applied energy.  Secondly is shown as an octagon, or Eight-Pointed Star, as the eye in the black portion of the Yin Yang.  This is a balanced building and management symbol.    
Number Nine (9) is the Nine-Pointed Star, as the black eye in the white portion of the Yin Yang.  Nine is the highest spiritual attainment and leadership, which completes the cycle of life.  It also represents leadership and wisdom.    
Number Ten (10) is Unity: the whole picture, or entire symbol, representing the unity of all beings.   It is also the opportunity to begin a new cycle with awareness and hope.  It represents Joy Unfolded and shining through the world.    
Also shown on the ankh are two more symbols:
The Caduceus on the lower part of the cross is the symbol of the healer, as shown by modern and traditional medicine.  It represents growth, awareness, health and joy.    
The Eye of Horus, between the Caduceus and the lowest jewel on the cross represents the all-seeing and all-knowing aspect of wisdom.    

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