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I touch the sky with my feet on the ground.

And by so doing, I learn who I am....

My mission is to be the best me I can be in this life, and to gain soul wisdom throughout the journey. I believe in the oneness and eternity of all life and awareness. Love is, and I am a being of that love. Each day is a new journey and a new adventure. I am: a cell body of the planet and behave accordingly; a citizen of the multiverse; and a vehicle/conduit of love. I am one with the great creative force: God. Every moment of every day, I touch the stars with my feet on the ground.

I am an individual, a wife, a mother, a friend. Others see me as an enigma, a teacher, a healer, a topographer and recorder, a technician, a voice of power, a warrior, a priestess, and a willing participant in life. They see in me beauty, courage, honesty, generosity, responsibility, creativity, independence, practicality, mystery, and a zest for life. As a part of the wheel of creation, I walk the earth in this form as a fully present warrior priestess. I make a positive impact on people’s lives. I am that I am, a part of the Tao, the white-golden flame, living and being. So shall it be, so it is. Ho!


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Living up to this means that I:
  • live a life of integrity and respect.
  • remember that we are all one and wiser than our mortal shells.
  • forgive myself and others.
  • strive for honesty.
  • face adversity with courage and wisdom.
  • strive to balance the esoteric and the pragmatic in healthy ways.
  • stay open to new possibilities and new understandings of truth.
  • allow and encourage others to express life in their own ways.
  • look for joy, harmony and growth opportunities in all situations.
  • stay conscious and aware. 
  • do as I wish, as long as it harms none. 
  • remain open to life and all of its experiences. 
  • accept my accountability and responsibility for my life and my actions. 
  • join with my inner child in play.
  • share the joy of life with others daily. 
  • respect and express harmony. 
  • follow my dreams. 
  • seek wisdom in all that I do. 
  • listen to and attend my spiritual knowing. 
  • dedicate myself to my higher purpose, and to meeting my soul contract. 
  • cherish life!

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Home Up My Mission Statement LED Personal Shield Fantasy Woodland Landscape

"We learn by living; we live by learning." -- Anne McCaffrey

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