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Some of my writing:    
For those that have waited, my book is finally available on Amazon as an e-book.

Living Energy Systems

An Encyclopedia of Chakras, Auras, Subtle Bodies and More!

The Web of Life!

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Just $9.99 at Amazon

In the 21st Century, the old paradigms of healing are evolving. Living Energy Systems validates the belief that our bodies are more than simple machines with parts that wear out. It provides an understanding of our energetic systems and alternatives to healing with drugs and surgery.

Living Energy Systems is the self-help manual that maps out the framework of the body’s complex network of chakras, auras, and subtle energies. Author Laverne Denyer, a healer for over 45 years has applied her insight and expertise to produce this exciting visual roadmap to human energy fields. Her detailed illustrations of the vibrational structures and clear descriptions provide an excellent overview of a healthy Living Energy System, with all of its subsystems, functions and interrelationships.

Packed with extensive diagrams and clear illustrations, this book provides a comprehensive examination of the body’s Living Energy Systems that no other reference source has. Living Energy Systems is the essential manual for anyone involved in healing and conscious health care, as well as those seeking to understand and/or heal themselves.

Other Stories & Papers I Have Posted on Amazon

Bast the Beast

A demonic force threatens to steal the soul of a young woman who had experimented with dark magic. The young woman had come to me to help her escape from a dark cult. When she tried to leave, I was forced into a face-to-face battle with the demon to whom the coven was bound. I battled to free the woman from the demon and save her soul. This is a true story, with changed names, of the psychic battle I fought with that demon.

Only 99˘ at Amazon

Blue Fire Forming

A Short Story: The true story of a young girl and her quest for understanding of spiritual and metaphysical topics. The young girl is me, so this is my story between the ages of 5 and 20. I fought the battle to be understood and to understand why I saw the world so differently from everyone around me. I met the challenge of discovery on my own with no mentor, except the spiritual beings who came in to support me. The influence that the force of God and my spirit helpers has had on my life is inspiring to me. I hope you will enjoy it as well.

Only 99˘ at Amazon

A Medical Intuitive's Approach to Working With Subtle Energies

This is a paper is designed to help individuals locate and identify changes and abnormalities within a person’s subtle energy system. Each individual is a complex package of subtle and material energies, referred to by Laverne as the Living Energy System (LES). Maps of healthy energy systems are the same as basic anatomical maps of the human body. They provide a reference tool for optimal health. However, we rarely see individuals who fully conform to those ideal maps. Any holistic health practitioner, or individual interested in subtle energies, must be able to compare what “is” to what “could be.” This article looks at the diversity of subtle energy changes that take place in the Living Energy System as a result of injury, illness, emotions and revelations. Laverne discusses energetic misalignments, devices, weaknesses, intrusions, holes and other changes to the healthy subtle body system. Laverne E. Denyer has been a practicing medical intuitive and holistic health professional since 1970. But in reality, she has been doing this type of work since she was a small child. Her extensive book on the Living Energy System is a result of that work. This paper takes you beyond the normative structure of dis-ease and shares some of her discoveries about the ways we impact our subtle energy bodies.

Only 99˘ at Amazon

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