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Meditation Class

Laverne will be teaching a basic meditation class. It will cover a focus and reverie technique, practical information about meditation and its purposes, along with meditations at each session.

Cost: $60, plus you will need to purchase the book shown below "The Magic Key: Meditation" as it will be used as a reference tool. You can purchase the e-book or the paper edition on line, or there will be copies (for $8 each) at the first session.

Contact me for dates, times, and locations

Leave a message for Laverne at 1-530-237-4857 or email at and she will provide location information.

The Magic Key: Meditation

You can purchase the book in two different formats from Amazon. Choose the one that best fits your pocketbook and use:

eBook edition for $2.99
 textbook for $4.99 (Black and White, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"), plus tax & shipping
you can purchase a copy at the class for $8

This is a changing list of some of the classes I offer.

I will even design custom classes as requested.

These classes are not listed in any order.

Contact me for more information and/or participate in a class experience.

Speaking Engagements

I am also available for speaking engagements on any of these and additional specialized topics.

Regression Techniques Guided Reverie Dream Analysis
Living Energy Systems -
Energetic Physiology
Guilt Management Numerology
Energy Sensitivity Training Meditation Ethics of A Healing Facilitator
Color Attributes and Uses Mind - Body Connection Sound
Music Crystals Healing Environments
Energy Dowsing Impedance Crystals Brainwaves - Patterns
ESI Techniques Spiritual Terminology Hugs & Laughter (smiles)
Distortions Within the Living Energy System Dream Therapy Brain / Mind Interface
How Psychic Intuition Works Earth Energies & Gaia Forces Playshops
Actual fees vary depending upon locations, number of participants, and type of class. Things like level of preparation and complexity or energies required can impact the fee structure. I can work with you to make the financial end work for everyone.
Regression Techniques

Learn the theories and techniques of regression therapy.

Guided Reverie

Learn how to help clients experience creative interaction activities through a guided meditative state.

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Dream Analysis

A course about the meanings of dreams and how to analyze the components of people's dreams.

Living Energy System – Energetic Physiology

Learn about the structure, purpose and interactivity of the subtle energy patterns of the Living Energy System. This is an intense course of energetic physiology. Think of it as an anatomy course for subtle energy systems.

Guilt Management

Techniques, strategies and concepts related to identifying, managing and eliminating feelings of guilt.



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Numbers have values that relate to the energies in your life. Those numbers also have relationships to letters, names, etc. This course addresses those meanings and how to calculate and analyze them.

Energy Sensitivity Training

Ways of learning to feel and sense energetic patterns in the environment and in the Living Energy System.


Learning meditation techniques to help increase focus and awareness.

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Ethics of the Healing Facilitator

A short course covering the ethical considerations of healing facilitators within any modality.

Color Attributes and Uses

An exploration of the attributes and healing energies of color.   Not only do colors reflect who we are and how we feel about the world, but it can have a direct impact upon our well being. This course covers the attributes, response to and application of color as a therapeutic tool.

  Mind-Body Connection

Learn the bio-physiology and emotional connections between the mind and the body. Discover how emotions and thoughts can impact a person’s health. Then with that knowledge, learn how to help clients positively effect their thinking to promote health.

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Ways of using toning, chanting and instrumental sounds to effect positive change in the Living Energy System.


Sound can make a tremendous impact on a person’s health and vitality as well as his/her receptivity to massage therapy. Various genre of music and their impact will be covered. Each participant will be taught how to “feel” the music in his/her body and what type of music will enhance various types of therapeutic situations.



Learn the qualities and uses of crystals so that they can be employed as therapeutic tools.

Learn which crystalline structures resonate with particular health patterns in the Living Energy System.







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Healing Environments

Set the environment for health and wholeness during therapeutic sessions.  By setting the stage during a therapy session you can positively enhance the healing opportunity. The use of sound, lighting, temperature and general ambience can help enhance the healing experience. This course explores the ways in which a therapists can “set the stage” for optimal results from massage sessions.

Energy Dowsing

Learn how to sense, identify and track energetic patterns in the Living Energy System. By identifying what and where the energy patterns are, you have a better opportunity to use therapeutic techniques to heal the energetic patterns in client’s bodies.  This awareness then helps improve the healing opportunities for the clients.

Impedance Crystals

The study of the purpose, structure and removal of Impedance Crystals. Impedance Crystals are the device which separate people from higher wisdom and ancient knowledge. This course provides insights into how the system works, why and how it is created. It further covers the indicators for removal along with extraction methods.

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Brainwaves – Patterns

Learn about the types of measurable brainwave patterns and how they impact health. Also learn how to help clients reach alternative brainwave patterns. By working with clients to alter their brainwave patterns you can work with them to promote health.

ESI Techniques

Learn energetic techniques to add to the traditional massage therapies. Electro-Sensory Integration is a method of therapeutic touch that addresses ways of healing the Living Energy System.


Spiritual Terminology

Discover what those strange terms are that you hear other people using. Learn to better understand your clients and colleagues by learning the language.


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Hugs and Laughter (smiles)

Laugh and hug therapy can be significant enhancements to the therapy session. Learn how to safely and professionally incorporate various types of hugs, laughter and smiles into the therapy experience.

Distortions within the Living Energy System

Study the potential distortions to be found within a person’s energy system. This includes blockages, tears, intrusions and unique energetic devices that effect a person’s health.


Dream Therapy

Take it a bit further and use a reverie type of dream therapy to enhance the massage experience.  Using a guided reverie technique to help clients interact  with their dreams. This can make disruptive energetic patterns more accessible to healing. It can also help individuals be more open to growth options.


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Brain/Mind Interface

Where is the mind located? How does it interface with the brain?

There is a complex and fascinating structure for your mind and memory that goes far beyond the physical brain. Here is an opportunity to learn the mechanics and how to improve the connections to your full consciousness.

How Psychic Intuition Works

Ever wonder how some people can sense things about you, or how you just "know" things about others? This class provides an opportunity to explore those questions.

Learn about how intuition and psychic abilities work through subtle energy reception and interpretation. Through a combination of current scientific research, physics, and intuitive reasoning these secrets are beginning to be understood.

Earth Energies and Gaia Forces
and the Shin Maa

Discover the secrets about the creation and evolution of the Earth as a spirit and a physical body. Also discover the subtle energy connections between the Earth's body and your own Living Energy System.

Also learn about the Angelic forces that work with Gaia from the beginning of her incarnation through the end of time as we know it. Shin is the name of planet Angels. Maa is the soul name of our planet Earth. So the angelic beings working with our planet are called the Shin Maa.

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How to learn and have fun. Take some time to renew you energies and your soul through interactive and supportive playshops. I can design these around any current activities or topics to meet your desires and dreams. Through a variety of experiences and practices, you will find yourself renewed and wiser, and kinder to yourself.



You can be part of a Spiritual Retreat.

Settings vary from camping in the woods to homes, or even vacation settings.

We play together, learn together, eat together and share fellowship and fun. This is a wonderful way to renew your body, mind and soul.

Some retreats are recurring. Or I will help you set up your own gathering and lead the activities.

The picture at the top of the page is a small drumming circle from one of our retreats.

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