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Dreams provide you opportunities to work on issues, be creative, remember the past, plan for the future, express yourself, and play.

“Got a problem?  Sleep on it.  If you know how, you can dream up a solution during the night.  The dreaming mind’s ability to find creative and logical solutions for unresolved problems has delighted and intrigued man for as long as he has been on this planet.”

“Without the ability to dream, it’s doubtful that man would have survived as long as he has.  It is fairly safe to say that he certainly would not have attained dominance over his world without dreams.”

(“Your Dreams” Globe Mini Mag)

Below are the types of dream analyses and therapies I offer. After you have decided which type of service you wish to have, check on the pricing for the delivery mode that best works for you: In Person, by Telephone, by E-Mail or snail-mail. Then contact me. Make certain you clarify what type of service and delivery system you want to use.


Dream Analysis Dream Therapy
Dream Analysis
  • What do your dreams mean?
  • How do they reflect what is going on in your life?
  • How can you use this information as a tool to understand and structure your life experiences?
  • You will receive:
    • Interpretations of the symbolic imagery used in the dream
    • An analysis of how the components fit together to tell a whole story
    • Suggestions of what the dream means for you
    • Ways to use this information in your daily life
  • This service is available through any of the delivery services listed below
  • Feel free to contact me for more information...

Dream Therapy
  • This is the most productive and personally enriching technique.
  • A guided meditation session where you review and interact with your dream elements to determine the real meanings for you.
  • This process helps you interact with the dream itself to better understand the purpose of the dream
    • More than either a logical or intuitive analysis
  • Have a direct dialogue with the dream, and its parts, to determine the purpose of the dream
  • You will:
    • Bring in a written narration of your dream
    • Give a verbal account of your dream
    • Go into a guided meditative state and interact with the components of your dream
    • Be able to ask questions of your dream components
    • Determine what your dream is wanting you to know
    • Determine how well that fits for you and how you want to use the information from your dream
    • Be able to make informed choices based on the information you gain
  • This service is only available during a personal visit. Since this is an interactive process, it is essential that it be conducted as a one-on-one session.
  • Feel free to contact me for more information...

Quote from a prior client: "This one dream therapy session did more for me than three years of talk therapy!"

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E-Mail Telephone In Person
Snail Mail I Can Come to You  


You may e-mail a question about other lifetimes and current influences to me to receive a written response. Contact me  at ldenyer@netzero.net with your questions about your dreams. I will send you a written response.
$20 per dream component,
$65 max per entire dream


You may call me on the telephone for a direct psychic reading regarding your other lifetimes and their current influences. Send me an e-mail at ldenyer@netzero.net to ask for my telephone number and set an appointment time.
$35 per half hour
In Person

Analysis or Therapy

If you are in a position to visit my home in California, you may have a personal, one-on-one Session about your other lifetime(s). These sessions normally take about one to two hours, depending upon your individual needs. Please send me an e-mail at ldenyer@netzero.net to ask for my telephone number and set an appointment time.
Snail Mail


You may contact me, then provide the information requested about your other lifetimes by snail mail.

Include your questions regarding the lifetime and its current influences. I will spend time with it. and record my impressions, answering your questions  in a written document. Remember that the energetic frequencies discovered during a session can be influenced by your recent interactions with the item, affecting the reading. So be very clear with your questions and your intent when you send your item.

$20 per dream component, or
$80 max per entire dream
Coming to You

Analysis or Therapy

Or I Can Come to You
  • If it works best for you, I can come to you!
  • To do this, you must provide
    • My travel expenses
    • Lodging expenses
    • A minimal number of clients, each paying separate fees for services rendered. The minimal number is dependent upon your location and my total time away from my office.
  • You can mix and match my various services to take full advantage of my expertise. These services must be planned in advance, to be certain I have whatever is needed to render these services.
  • This can be a fun, informative and rewarding experience
  • Make it a Party!
    • You can even set this up as a party atmosphere where you host multiple people for various services.
    • You can receive a significant discount for your help, and make it more affordable for everyone.

You must contact me for details


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"We learn by living; we live by learning." -- Anne McCaffrey

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