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A paper written about the emotions involved and activated while interacting with a client during therapeutic body work sessions.
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Addressing the Emotional Component of Energetic Body Work

by Laverne E. Denyer

Emotion = E-motion = Energy in Motion


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Feeling and Living the Energy of Life

Reactions and Pre-Actions


Emotional Impact

How productive is your emotional landscape? I didn’t ask about your health or well-being. I simply asked how productive your emotions are. That is because, no matter what the current state of your health may be, your emotions are having a profound impact on your life. The result may be positive, negative, or somewhere in-between. The important concept is that your emotions impact who you are, how you live and what you do every moment of every day. To overlook or minimize the impact of this concept is both naive and careless.

The equation shown above, Emotion = E-motion = Energy in Motion, indicates that your emotions impact how you move energy through your system and how that energy impacts you life systems.  Thought is a form of human energy. It also controls the way you utilize energy. Emotions are the carrier wave for life-force energy.

You may believe that your mental force of will is the most important component of your daily life. And in some ways you are correct. Through disciplined thinking and behavior you can significantly impact the way you react to situations. This creates a better emotional life and a healthier body. Yet nobody maintains total mental discipline at all times. We are just made that way. Your emotional reactions and pre-actions (prior notions and beliefs) constitute the largest part of your conscious and unconscious behavior. What you think or believe controls 10% of your life force, while what you feel controls 90%. Therefore your emotional state is an incredibly important aspect of your overall health.

When your thoughts and emotions are clear, the energy moves freely through your entire system. It promotes health and joy. When you are depressed, your entire system slows down. Fear blocks the energetic flow and creates blockages within the system. Anger concentrates excessive energy pockets throughout the system which robs some areas of the body of its essential life force.

Animals live on emotions much more than humans. They truly are energy-in-motion based on internalized reactions to their environment, character and experiences. They experience all of the human emotions, plus deeper primal emotion we humans find difficult to understand. Their prime motivators are fear, hunger, joy and group mentalities. Each situation creates an emotional response which brings about an energetic imprint. Each imprint has the possibility of creating a physical body response


See for Yourself

To set the stage of understanding for you to realize how much impact emotional responses can have, please do the following imagery. Remember that this first part of the exercise is only a recreation of a remembered event. Keep the impact separate from today’s health patterns and do not allow it to have any permanent power over you or your body systems. Yet when you move to the second and more positive aspect of the exercise, please feel free to let it fully manifest as a healing power in your life.

First think of a traumatic and negative experience in your life. Let the feelings and emotions of that negative experience wash over you, becoming real for you. As you do this, pay attention to your physical and emotional responses. What feelings do you have? Where do you notice changes in your body? What are those changes? What is your response to the feelings and emotions? Do any of these sensations relate to any physical issues you experience?

Now, think of the happiest experience you can remember. Let that experience become real for you in this present moment. Let the feelings and emotions of that positive experience wash over you. As you do this, pay attention to your physical and emotional responses. What feelings do you have? Where do you notice changes in your body? What are those changes? What is your response to the feelings and emotions?

Capture the images, feelings and physical sensations of both extremes. Let the feelings and physical responses of the traumatic experience become real enough to feel and experience – be brave, it won’t last long.  Now infuse all of the traumatic feelings and responses with the positive feelings and physical responses of the positive event. Let the positive responses wash away all of the negative imprints and heal the system of the traumatic responses on all levels of being.  Accept and affirm all of the positive changes. Allow your system and your emotional awareness to heal. Be healthy, happy and secure in your joy of life.

Experience the differences you just made in your own life force. This little experiment helps you begin to understand how important and connected emotions are to physical health. Whether it is a human or an animal, this connection has the same impact.


Negative Emotional Response

Positive emotional situations nurture people and animals and help develop healthy bodies. Any positive situation sets up feelings of peace and joy. These positive feelings promote clear, clean energy flows throughout the entire system. Animals do an exceptional job of keeping this healthy flow going. Their natural state is much more emotionally balanced than the average human.

Negative situations do just the opposite. They create blockages and disruptions in the energetic flow patterns. The blockages and disruptions can then result in dysfunctions, disease and potentials for injury.

Animals respond immediately to traumatic situations, since they don’t have the same type of emotional governors as humans. Their emotions are more quicksilver and primitive, making them quite susceptible to all emotional responses. The benefit they have is that they can also release the effects of emotional trauma much easier than humans.

Humans generally get tied up in social norms, expectations and logic. These mental gymnastics often slow down emotional response time and can increase the energy flow disruption. This means that it is more difficult for humans to correct energy imbalances than for animals.

As a being experiences an emotional trauma s/he sets up etheric weaknesses. These become openings for the development of health challenges. These openings may be small and transient, or they may be very large and ominous ― perhaps even fatal. It depends upon the severity of the trauma and how much personal self-destruct energy is going on in the individual at the time.

As ill health develops and physical challenges begin to manifest, the emotional response is strengthened and reinforced on many levels. In the case of negative responses, ill health occurs as the sense of self-respect, joy and peace is diminished. That leaves even more openings for material disturbances in the physical body. The emotional connection to disease is strengthened. It becomes like a small pebble rolling down a snowy hill, an ever-increasing snowball. Soon the material manifestation of disease seems to become a prominent issue. But it is not. It is only the visible symptom of emotional issues. The original opening created by emotional trauma is the original causation and it must be considered and healed before true physical healing can occur.

Emotional pain is insidious and grows at an extraordinary rate. It may have initially seemed to be only a minimal point of concern and pain. But once planted in the energy system it multiplies and divides as it spreads through the entire system. It does not become dilute and void like a drop of ink in a vat of water. Instead, it is more like homeopathic cures, gaining in power and potency through contact and infusion within the energetic system. It spreads and grows far beyond the original stimulation.

Then as additional emotional traumas create other weaknesses, the presence of prior emotional pain coalesces and gains in strength; not by simple additions of strength but through exponential powers of multiplication. These combining and multiplying forces lead to a deterioration and invasion of the system. This opens the door to illness and injury.

These emotional responses join and interact with other emotional responses, weaving a tapestry of disharmony and ill health in the physical and emotional systems. It can become so complex that it is often a true challenge to find the original and individual causations. Thus it is important to seek the emotional causation for each physical issue.


Pattern of Emotional Trauma Response

Let’s look at the way emotional trauma invades and breaks down the Living Energy System, setting up patterns of disease and potential injury. The initial pattern is universal. Yet the specific mode of reaction and disruption to the energy system is unique to the emotional patterns of each individual.

Disease and the potential for injury manifest first on the emotional level. At first, a traumatic event makes a negative imprint on the Emotional Body (the fourth layer of the Living Energy System). Then it sends a historical imprint to the Celestial Body (the seventh layer of the LES) for purposes of soul memory and processing. Eventually the energetic imprint begins to manifest within the Physical Body (the first layer of the LES). The rate of this process is dependent upon the level of emotional response, the individual’s physical condition and the overall impact of the event itself. Generally it takes quite some time to move from the emotional/etheric level into physical manifestation. It can take moments, hours or even years, dependent upon the individual’s health and the severity of the trauma. Eventually the negative imprint can spread throughout the other layers of the subtle body system. As it spreads and grows stronger it can become systemic and dangerous. In rare situations these toxic emotional responses can invade and subdue the entire system.














Although I have not included an illustration of an animal subject, I have found that their subtle body system functions in the same pattern when confronted with emotional trauma.


Emotional Trauma Injury

Authors like Louise L. Hay (1984) have done extensive research on the mind/body connection as it relates to illness and injury. Her message is that “If we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed” (back cover). She also said that “What we think about ourselves becomes the truth for us” (ibid, p 7). These two concepts have proven to be true time and time again in my practice.

A very abbreviated list of some general emotional causations and connections for physical distress that I find people experience is offered below:

Physical Distress Emotional Connection
Low back pain Issues with material support --

Too much-- too little-- uncertainty

Upper back pain Issues with emotional support
Middle back pain Guilt, too many pressures
Knee pain Flexibility issues
Foot pain Issues with basic foundations of life situation – fear of the future
Asthma Difficulty with accepting and utilizing the “breath of life”

Fear of connecting with life

Feeling unworthy to be alive

Constipation Holding on to “stuff” in your life --

Afraid to let go

Diarrhea Wanting to get rid of “stuff” in your Life

Fear -- Rejection

Breast issues Nurturing and “mothering” issues

This list could go on and on. But these few examples demonstrate some of the connections between disease and emotional issues.

I find that each individual is quite unique and creative in the ways that s/he manifests limitation and fear. Although years ago I initially used resources like Louise Hay’s book as guides, I don’t rely on them any more. Now I let my intuition and solid discussions with my clients guide me to the emotional causations of physical challenges.


Connecting With and Clearing Emotional Responses

The emotional aspect of healing is an important consideration for any health practitioner. While working on an individual’s health issues it is vital for the practitioner to help the individual connect with the emotional aspect and determine the purpose of the disease/injury and what the healing trigger might be. Otherwise the supposed “healing” of the body will be only temporary. It would be much like some allopathic medicine when it treats the symptoms and overlooks the cause.

For anyone to truly benefit from therapeutic treatments it is essential that the emotional bodies and self-defeating energy patterns be corrected. Those negative thought patterns can grow and take over a system. The initial trauma becomes a causative pattern of illness or injury that is all out of proportion with the original issue.

The negative energies can be cleansed directly through helping the individual connect to the original pain, then spread personal strength and comfort through the impacted systems. Healing energies can spread even more quickly and powerfully than the negative energies. It can take just one spark of insight and joy to eradicate a lifetime of pain and disease. It just takes belief and impetus. Though challenging, both motivators can be developed and encouraged by a healing facilitator.

While working with individuals in therapeutic sessions I locate the damaged areas in the energy system. I begin working to repair the damage (clearing blockages, repairing tears, encouraging healthy flows, etc.) in the physical and etheric levels. Simultaneously I seek clarity about the original emotional causation of the damage. When I discover the causation, I look for ways to discuss the issues with the client. Then I work with the client’s emotional memories and responses at the same time that I work with the energy system.

It is important to build a sense of belief and purpose in both the client and the practitioner during these sessions. These emotions are the necessary building blocks for cleansing and rebuilding the energy system. Then creative imagery and the replacement of negative emotional responses with positive responses is possible. That is when optimal health patterns can be developed, and the individual can heal him/herself. This helps the individual move beyond a temporary fix to a chance for permanent healing.

Individuals make the decision about their own degree of personal health.  Each person selects whether to accept or deny the gift of possibilities.



Listing a few examples will help clarify and illustrate some of what I have done to help individuals work with their emotional issues and the related health issues.

Example #1:

A story of a dog we’ll call Lady illustrates the importance of emotional roots in physical illnesses. The dog was about 14 years old when her person got another dog. The new dog was about a year old when he came into the house. Lady’s long-time life-mate had died six months prior and her person thought she was probably lonely and would benefit from a friend. Within three weeks of the new dog coming into the home Lady began to have serious bladder and kidney problems. This slowed her down and caused her no end of problems and pain. Lady’s person took her to the vet several times and they tried everything they could think of to solve the problem and give Lady some relief. There was some improvement, but it didn’t last and Lady did not get substantially better.

After about two months of this, Lady’s person called me for a medical intuitive scan of the dog. I had met Lady before with a prior health issue, so I was familiar with her energy patterns. Lady’s person did not initially tell me that there was a new dog in the house. When I checked in, using a remote viewing technique, I noticed that Lady was irritated to the point of being “pissed off” about something. As I looked further I saw the new dog and asked about the circumstances of the new dog coming to the home. After further investigation I discovered that Lady resented the new dog. She felt that her person did not respect the memory of the dead dog and that the new dog was an intrusion into her space. She felt that she had no control over her space or her life and couldn’t handle all the energy expended by the new dog. She was also jealous of the time her person spent with the new dog.

I discussed this with Lady’s person. We worked out a regimen where Lady got extra attention for a while. Her person took time with Lady to visit the grave (in the woods) of their dead friend. Her person spent a lot of time talking to Lady about how much she was loved and that it was important to give the new dog a loving home and to help the new dog feel welcome. Lady was reinforced as still being important in the home and as being very loved. At the same time, the medical treatments from the vet were continued. Lady came to see me and we did some energy work on the bladder, kidney and emotional systems. We communicated about the necessity for Lady to get over the rejection of the new dog and how important it was to accept him as friend and quasi-son.

Within three days Lady showed marked improvement. Within a week she was completely well, happy and frisky. She accepted the new animal and treated him like one of her own pups. By discovering the emotional causation of the physical problem we were able to successfully heal her illness and recreate a happy family unit.

Example #2

A young man came to see me who had experienced a wide variety of allergies all his life. He had gone through years of major discomfort which eventually lead him to cut himself off from social activities. He stayed home as much as he could in a highly controlled environment. His symptoms included asthma, sinus infections, itchy welts and swelling (anaphylactic shock symptoms). No matter what shots or other medical treatments he tried, he simply could not control his allergies. He was quite miserable. He had basic genetic weaknesses in his system which were triggered by his emotional turmoil.  Using these weaknesses, he had let his body become the vehicle for expressing his irritation.

When we worked together we soon discovered that many of his problems had to more do with rejection than biology. He had felt rejected and unwanted as a child (we discovered that his mother had tried twice to abort him while she was pregnant). Then he began to feel irritated at his life situation and emotionally rejected his family and social status. His language was filled with verbal clues like “it just irritates me like crazy,” “I just want to get rid of …..,” “it just makes my skin crawl when I get around…..” and other similar phrases. By working directly with the energetic patterns of his diseases while discussing his emotional issues we began to get a handle on his real problems. He was rejecting life itself and was irritated at his own inability to accept positive interactions with other people

Through a series of visualizations and emotional restructuring we were successful in helping him release his anxieties and begin to interact in positive ways with his world. Eventually he reduced each of his allergic reactions to minor inconveniences which flared up from time to time – rather than daily. They were quite manageable and had minimal impact on his life. His biological triggers were no longer activated by emotional responses.

Example #3

This is a very personal example about an injury I subconsciously invited into my own life.

I worked for about three years as a keypunch operator. At first I enjoyed my work and was rewarded by good pay and the respect of my employers and peers. However I eventually found myself in a position that I did not like and began to resent what I was doing. I began to think about how vulnerable my hands were and how important they were for the work that I was doing. I realized that if anything were to happen to my hands, I would have to quit that line of work. Since I disliked where I was working I guess I was looking for a way out. Consciously I tried to be careful of my hands so that I could keep working. Subconsciously I began to see a possibility of escape.

After a time I began to experience pain in my hands when I worked. Then my hands began to swell and ache continually. Eventually the pain and swelling spread all the way up my arms to my shoulders. I couldn’t work at all. My doctor diagnosed me with severe tendonitis in both hands and arms. I finally had to quit that line of work altogether.

I had set myself up for a repetitive movement injury to my hands by my emotional response to a job I disliked. I knew right away what I had done, but by that time I was so entrenched in the pattern that I could not make any changes until after I left my job.

I don’t believe that even the strain of that particular job would have caused such an injury if I had not wanted out of there so intensely. After some rest and a great deal of emotional cleansing my hands returned to near normal strength and I experienced only minimal after-effects from the injury. I learned a great deal from this experience. It was one of the first times I was so aware of the tremendous impact that negative thinking and emotional trauma can have on the physical body.


A Final Thought

Therapeutic practitioners can work on the Living Energy System and have significant results. But if the emotional connection to the damage is overlooked, it is common for the individual to recreate another health challenge that resonates with the emotional distress. For long-term and more profound healing opportunities to occur it is essential to address the whole person, from emotional patterns to health challenges. Look beyond the symptoms to the causation. As stated at the beginning, an individual’s emotional landscape determines his/her health: who s/he is, how s/he lives life and what s/he does every moment of every day. Once emotional health is reached, the magic begins.

Look for joy, harmony and growth opportunities in all situations.



Laverne's own research and experience since 1970.

Hay, Louise L. You can heal your life. Hay House, Inc. Santa Monica. 1984. (ISBN 0-937611-01-8)

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