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Did you know that there are at least 86 different human gender identification categories that we live with every day on planet earth?



Ėby Laverne E. Denyer


 Did you know that there are at least 86 different human gender identification categories that we live with every day on planet earth?  Further, did you ever think about the significant learning impact individual gender identification has on each living soul?  We have a mix of clearly identifiable and vaguely understood genetic characteristics that truly impact our daily decisions about life and the way of the world.  There is a purpose to these patterns.  They are part of the choices we make when we are planning an incarnate lifetime on planet earth.  Each set of incarnate characteristics and tools has a very specific purpose.  Part of the challenge is to identify the purpose, challenges and rewards in an incarnate entityís total tool kit, including gender characteristics. These gender qualities are selected prior to birth as part of the overall incarnation pattern of opportunity and growth.

One influencing factor is a set of soul memories. We combine life goals and tasks with soul memories to determine which challenges we wish to tackle in an individual lifetime.  We select cultural and economic situations, along with physical and emotional characteristics.  Then we put our combined traits into action in a living human being on planet earth to experience challenge and opportunity in our everyday lives.  A very important aspect of this total life tool kit is our individual gender identification package.  It is not random, nor accidental.  It is carefully planned and executed for each lifetime.        

Current societal norms often demean and punish that which is not easily understood,  And just that attitude may be exactly why a soul would select a gender identification that either emulates or challenges the norm. Cultural patterns provide significant challenges and affirmations for selected patterns.  Individuals select environments that will activate and/or test those urges they imprint prior to birth.  Otherwise there would be no educational purpose to them.  Cultural  beliefs simply provide affirmations for various components of the incarnation package.

Many times the choices are based on immediately past incarnations.  When a soul has spent multiple lifetimes in one gender, it can be difficult to shift.  And that can create great longing for what society often terms inappropriate urges and behaviors.  Also it can cause jealously, hatred and great fear, depending upon recent experiences. 

Some of the diverse tools a soul selects include physical traits, family background and current situations, health issues, disposition and character traits, etc.  The one tool few recognize is gender identity.  With that always comes a full set of genetic and situational challenges which last throughout a lifetime.  The heterosexual, homosexual and bi-sexual alike have to deal with fears, resections, successes, techniques, urges and a myriad of other challenges. 

Determining an identity that will compliment and enhance all of the other combined traits is a delicate and challenging selection process.  It takes careful planning, not random happenstance.  The rambunctious and outgoing child of the 50's with a mesmerizing voice, swivel hips and soulful eyes would not likely have made it into everyoneís heart and home if Elvis had chosen to be a female or a homosexual.  Instead he dealt with his sexuality and relationship issues from a dominant heterosexual male perspective that often taxed his soul to the limits.  Or a seductive, introspective and frightened male child of the same era would not have been able to establish and attack the same type of life challenges that Marilyn Monroe did. 

As you have likely surmised, there are a wide variety of sexual characteristics beyond the generally accepted male and female.  The category of each is again resplendent with a verifiable smorgasbord of options that can be pieced together to set the stage for learning and challenges.  Male and female are actually identifiers on a gonadal continuum.  We recognize genitalia as markers that are expected to define emotion and behavior.  That is far too limited.  There is much more to the picture.

Think of it as a teeter totter (continuum) on a fulcrum of neutrality with prominent male characteristics on one end and predominant female on another.  Then think of a sliding bar that could be placed anywhere on that continuum.  You would find strong, dominant males, and soft feminine females along with gentle males and domineering females, and every permutation between.  You would even find the androgynous characteristics spanning a narrow band in the middle that exhibit a nearly equal blend of all aspects.  Some would have you think that androgyny is the ultimate goal of both genders.  That isnít true.  It is simply one range of the spectrum.

Crossing this teeter totter at right angles is another continuum.  And that is sexual preference.  Again the two polar points are heterosexual and homosexual, with bisexual landing somewhere between.  An entity is born with certain proclivities and ample opportunities to make decisions based on those urges as they interact with pure gender.  It is clear when a soul has selected one of the polar extremes.  And it may be fairly clear for the middle ground, or bi-sexual.  The difficulties come for the mid-ranges.  These are entities who may be tempted or frightened by pre-determined urges that donít fit the expected norms.  A female may be midrange between middle b-sexual and polar heterosexual.  Vague feelings and curiosities may either intrigue or terrify her.  She has to decide what her own morals and beliefs are and how they fit in with her behavior.  That helps her define her entire personality in many ways.  It is an integral part of the life entity experience.  It is never happenstance.

Appearance behavior is on another cross-piece.  That has to do with transvestitism.  Does the traditional gender identification fit that entityís concept of body showcasing?   In modern society, 2omen have far fewer challenges with this issue.  Men have the biggest challenges.  In other historical time frames it was just the opposite.  Males could parade themselves in effeminate trappings while females had very strict boundaries they were expected to honor.  Anyone who crosses those boundaries has a whole new set of learning opportunities to experience. 

The concept of transsexual yearnings is yet another learning experience some souls are brave enough to experience.  Being born with a brain chemistry in direct opposition to physical genitalia is a clear challenge.  The degree of dissatisfaction due to placement on the continuum can lead to all sorts of self-mutilations and enhancements, not to mention social challenges.  No wonder so few actually take this style of personal challenge in modern societies.

Asexuality, hermaphroditism, sexually neuter, and the newly discovered X-Y chromosome imbalance are still more examples of gender identity tools that can be utilized for profound learning opportunities.  The lists of possibilities are mind boggling when you think of it in this way.

Another influence is the emotional balance of each individual as it relates to social pressures and gender identity.  This, too, is a sliding scale that can influence individual who are balanced somewhere between the polar extremes in these various categories.  For a polar male heterosexual, there is absolutely no temptation toward homosexuality.  There is also no understanding or compassion for others who are increasingly less polarized and find themselves tempted by social situations.  The social pressures would not have any impact if there werenít basic potentials from pre-birth.  So it is clear that social pressures can truly influence and challenge individuals with less clearly defined positions on each gender continuum.  And since social placement is a soul choice prior to birth, it is undoubtedly a carefully crafted component of the incarnate entityís life profile.

So far I have identified 86 cross-category combinations that can identify a soulís gender identification in an individual lifetime. 

            HETEROSEXUAL: 7 categories

            HOMOSEXUAL: 10 categories

            BI-SEXUAL:: 14 categories

            ASEXUAL:: 4 categories

            TRANSSEXUAL:: 16 categories

            TRANSVESTITE: 16 categories

            X-Y IMBALANCE: 8 categories

            HERMAPHRODITE: 8 categories

            NEUTER: 1 category

When you add that to the other building blocks that set the stage for a particular lifetime, you can begin to appreciate the enormous job it must be and how much care it must take to develop a complex human life.  Then you can appreciate the gift of learning that our own unique gender identification package is.  Since the ultimate goal is to love oneself and select consistently loving behaviors and attitudes, these trials are often some of the more demanding. With that comes insight and acceptance of our own choices and the choices of those sharing life with us.  Isnít it wondrous? 

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"We learn by living; we live by learning." -- Anne McCaffrey

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