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A follow-up thought regarding the chapter in Solstice Shift


Laverne E. Denyer

We are weaving a web of life about us at all times.  For a long time, that web has included segments of pain, separation and fear.  A good number of the incarnate souls have woven individual cocoons and withdrawn into them.  Although some are still accessible, many of the souls have completely enclosed themselves in these cocoons, turning them into isolation cells of their own design.  The interconnecting threads grow weak and tattered.  The separateness of their thinking and feeling is tearing at the primal fabric of life. 

Ours is a collective experience.  What you experience eventually impacts my awareness.  Your joy is my joy.  Your pain lives in me.  Your fear is pervasive.  Likewise, my reactions ripple across this collective web of consciousness and moves your life.  Generally, the influences are subtle.  Occasionally, they are significant.  The continuum of noticeable impact is quite broad.  The important thing to realize is that your experience feeds the collective awareness, or Tao every instant of your life.  Would you like to have woven a beautiful carpet, precise and intricate, just to abandon it when you feel challenged?  Or would you want to tend it, mend it when necessary, admire it and experience the collective pattern?  In the same way that you would likely connect with the greater pattern, you are advised to nurture your connection with every other part of the divine pattern. 

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"We learn by living; we live by learning." -- Anne McCaffrey

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